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Welcome to our brand new website and blog!

Updated: Jun 23, 2018

Back at the beginning of may I was looking at our website and thought it was looking a bit old fashioned and was due a redesign. And the timing was perfect... a new website for the new 2018 foaling season! Our first foal of 2018 was due on the 23rd of May so I had plenty of time to put it together... of course, our mares had other ideas! No sooner had I started the redesign our first foal of 2018 was born! Click on the photos below to be taken to each foals individual page.

On Thursday the 10th of May, at 1.25am, with absolutely no warning signs what so ever, our beautiful Vienna dropped down and popped out a gorgeous little golden/bay dun colt foal by Brandeston Rupert! Although no foals were due for a couple of weeks we had had the mares under camera for a couple of weeks already. And as part of my bedtime routine I watch the mares for at least half an hour before bed. I decided to name him Plumtree Vincent.

Vincent didn't have to wait long for a playmate because at 8.50pm on the 11th of May, Crystal gave birth to this gorgeous blue (black) dun colt. It was a very none affair. We noticed Crystal hanging back from the gate at coming in time, so I went and caught her because that was a very odd thing for her to do. Crystal went into her stable and started eating her feed. She then got down, gave a couple of pushes... Centaur was born and she got up and finished her T before going to see to him! Typical Crystal! I wanted a strong name for this strong colt and so I named him Plumtree Centaur.

Blue (black) dun miniature shetland pony colt foal
Plumtree Centaur at 1 day old with Mum, Merryhill Crystal

Next to foal was Plumtree Honeysuckle. Again at the very reasonable hour of 9pm. When this little one came out their head was so pretty we instantly though it was a filly... but when we lifted the tail we got a shock that it was in fact another colt! He really is the prettiest colt though. A gorgeous blue dun and white with a fabulous face marking. The photo below was taken at just 22 hours old and already he had such presence and was a proper little show off! We have named him Plumtree Herbie.

Plumtree Herbie with Mum, Plumtree Honeysuckle at 22 hours old

Next to arrive was Plumtree Milford. His dam, Littlewitty Ellie May had been restless all night and went out into the nursery paddock the following morning but spent all day stood at the gate. We kept a close eye on her all day, we can see the gate from our kitchen window. Well, Ellie just couldn't wait to get in to have her foal. And at 6.50pm on the 19th of May, just as we were about to start our evening routine to get the ponies in she gave birth to this stunning pielbald colt. It was a quick and easy birth... so we moved the other mares and young foals into the next paddock and left Ellie to bond with her foal while we put her some extra bedding down, filled her hay rack and changed her water.

Plumtree Mildford with his Mum, Littlewitty Ellie May at 3 days old

On the 23rd of May at 3.10am the filly fairy finally decided to pay us a visit! Snelsmore Huckleberry gave birth to this beautiful baby girl. We have named her Plumtree Harper. Colour wise we are saying piebald for now... but she could go blue roan like her dam, who has thrown blue roan to Rupert in the past. Time will tell!

Plumtree Harper at 6 days old

Not to be outdone, pretty much 24 hours later, Fosterhouses Delicious popped out this tiny palomino and white filly! She gave us absolutely no warning what so ever... but what a lovely surprise she was! We have named her Plumtree Daphne.

Plumtree Daphne at 8 days old

Another day another baby arrives... in true mare style, Harelquin Golden-Lily had had us on pins for days. Restless all night and every day for a week. We were exhausted from watching her 24/7. Then at 4.20am on the 25th of May she gave birth to this strong, chunky, skewbald colt foal! I am pretty sure this is the first broken colour foal Lily has ever had. His sire is our young stallion Merrylees Camelot who is Tobiano Homozygous. We have named him Plumtree Levi. I don't know why this name just popped into my head and I thought it really suits him!

Plumtree Levi at 4 days old

So there we are. An early start to our 2018 foaling season and a very busy May at Plumtree Stud! The website is not finished just yet. I will be changing a few things about and adding some more pages as and when I get the time!



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