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31" Liver Chestnut

Show Champion

Born 29.05.94

My first home bred licensed stallion. The gorgeous Plumtree Patrick is a 31inch Liver Chestnut stallion born in 1994. Out of my beautiful Twinkle; he was a keeper as soon as I set eyes on him.

The older breeders among us will remember how daunting the stallion assessment scheme was back then. I put Patrick forward as a 3yr old and I opted for the assessment to be done at home rather than at a centre. I was so nervous on the day. The 2 panel judges were Sheila Edwards and Diana Stavely, accompanied by the Society appointed vet. To say I was thrilled when Patrick passed with flying colours was an under statement! Diana said to me he was the best they had seen in a while, and I should have taken him to a centre so people could see what the judges were looking for in a stallion. It was one of the best days! My lovely little boy now a licensed stallion.

Patrick has produced some fabulous foals for us and was shown with success in his day. Winning Supreme titles as a 5 year old and 15 year old.

A lovely gentle stallion so easy and very kind. Sadly Plumtree Patrick crossed Rainbow Bridge in Spring 2021.

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