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With a love of all animals especially equines I was drawn to Shetland ponies in 1981 after a couple of stud visits and lots of research we went to the 1982 Fell and Shetland pony sale in Cumbria. It was love at first sight when I spotted Twinkle a tiny liver chestnut filly foal her reg name Edendale Golden Princess by Bogs Fireman. We paid 200gns for her people thought we were crazy at the time but we had to have her she was adorable the friendliest little filly, I was hooked. We went to the Kerswell Stud for my first stallion and bought the newly licenced 2yr old Colt Kerswell Relko by Ron of North Wells. Twinkle proved to be an excellent match for Relko producing a beautiful liver chestnut filly foal in 1985, Plumtree Poppy we named her.
Reading Shetland Pony sale was the place to buy and sell ponies so we entered Poppy into the sale. Being fairly new to Shetlands I was amazed at the interest shown in our little filly and was delighted when Tony and Jane Dennis Kerswell Stud bought her. She made 600gns and we shared top price of the day with the Parlington Stud. I will never forget what Tony Dennis said to me that day "she is the best pony here today" I was very proud, what an accolade for me so new to Shetlands.
We kept Twinkle's next filly, another liver chestnut, Plumtree Pretty Peaches. She was with us until 31 years of age.  Plumtree Amy, another Twinkle filly, went to Reading in 1988 and again was bought by Kerswell Stud. We were 2nd highest price foal on the day.

As an 8yr old Twinkle was very ill and spent 6 weeks in Leahurst Hospital Liverpool. We thought we would loose her but they got her better thank goodness. When we went to pick her up the Professor who had been in charge of her care told us she had more attention than any other equine on the place. I think everyone there had fallen in love with her.

Such a sweet pony so friendly, she used to whinny at me whenever she saw me. It was the saddest of days when we had her put to sleep at the age of 30. She leaves behind daughters, granddaughters and a licensed stallion here at the stud.

I do miss her I always will she was one of the best "My Twinky". She certainly put Plumtree Stud on the map.

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