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A Special Arrival

Updated: Jun 15, 2018

On Friday 1st of June, at 11.10pm, our beautiful Plumtree Little Sweetie gave birth. Sweetie is the last foal from our very special foundation mare, Edendale Golden Princess, who you can read about on our History page. When the foal was born, we immediately thought it was a colt due to a strong head and broad, solid back. To our surprise he was actually a she! Lorraine had to check twice to be sure! And the second surprise was her colour. Chestnut with a little white star! Just like her Grandma! Sweetie has only ever thrown duns before. Now we had said that we were not retaining any foals this year... but within minutes we knew, this little filly will be staying at Plumtree. Apart from the fact that she is a strong little filly, and is just like her Grandma, last year we retired our last Chestnut brood mare. As a stud that was founded with a Liver Chestnut pony, that just seems wrong. We have decided to name her Plumtree Little Princess. Using both her Mum & Grandma's name. Her pet name will be Star, as her Grandma's pet name was Twinkle and as the nursery rhyme goes... Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!

She has so much body and bone she reminds me of a miniature version of a Suffolk Punch. We cannot put into words how made up we are with her!

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