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Jodie is very proud to announce...

... that at 5.30am on 16th of June, her extra special little pony, Plumtree Theodora (aka Teddy) gave birth to her first ever foal! A gorgeous, tiny little blue dun and white colt who I (Jodie) have named Plumtree Tattoo! He reminds me so much of his Mum both in looks and personality. Teddy has been a natural Mum right from the start... standing on 3 legs for him to suck (not that he needs the help!) keeping him away from the other mares, etc. You'd think she'd been doing it all her life... I couldn't be more proud of my Teddy bear!

The video below is of Teddy meeting Tattoo for the first ever time and shows just what a natural Mum she has been right from the very start!

Teddy and Tattoo had to be kept in that day due to the thunderstorms we were forecast... and it was a good job she did stay in because not only did we have thunder & lightening but a flash flood too!

Plumtree Tattoo with Mum Teddy (PLumtree Theodora) at a few hours old

Plumtree Tattoo in the nursery paddock at 1 day old!



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