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Where do we begin with this little guy?! He has caused more sleepless nights than I care to remember and is the reason why we have been so busy and there haven't been as many foal photos this year . Troy was born on 13th of May, around 37 days early! At first all seemed ok, and we amazed with him arriving so early that he was up and sucking within an hour of been born and was enjoying galloping around his pen just like any other foal. But after a few hours we noticed he started to sleep constantly, not even waking up for a drink. To cut a long story short for the next 7 days we had to wake him up once an hour, day and night, for a drink, he was kept in 24/7 so we could monitor him on the cameras, and at night he had to wear a rug as he got cold so easily... during that week he had a couple of vet visits, first as he was so sleepy to check him over. He was given a steroid to give him a boost and he was a bit ruttley so we were left with antibiotics, the next was due to the fact we had noticed he'd stopped pooing! That meant an enema or 2. Once he was able to wake himself up on his own, we continued to monitor him through the day and night on the cameras for the next week just to make sure. That is when he developed a thick snotty nose, so bad he was struggling to breath and feed! The vets were called again and he had some kind of upper respiratory infection, a short round of antibiotic injections later and keeping him inside and warm for a few days and that cleared that up! Troy is now fit and healthy and acting like any other foal. He is a very small, compact little man, chunky and a fabulous shape. He is also full of personality, cheeky and funny and the boss of all the other foals! We just love him to bits!

Cream Dun Colt

Born 13.05.23

Sire: Plumtree Jax

Dam: Plumtree Twinkie

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