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Our first foal by Ardanbeag Magic Marrister, who we bought from his breeder last summer, has arrived! I don't know where his dam was hiding him though as she had the smallest pregnancy belly I have ever seen! A gorgeous palomino & white colt, who was up and sucking in just 18 minutes… expertly guided by his young Mum. This little guy is a foal so friendly I actually had to hire a longer lens to try and get photos of him! The second he spots you in the field he comes galloping over. As his dam is Plumtree Little Princess and he is her first colt we have decided to name him Plumtree Little Prince!

Palomino & White Colt

Born 28.05.24

Sire: Ardanbeag Magic Marrister

Dam: Plumtree Little Princess

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