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And last but by no means least on the 3rd of June at 2.05am this stunning little blue roan and white filly was born! We were so excited to get some sleep but unfortunately her Mum and her had other ideas! Despite been a relatively easy birth her Mum was exhausted and for 4 hours just did not want to stay stood up for more than a few minutes. And although this clever little girl figured out how to feed off her whilst she was laid down we needed to make sure she could find the milk bar with her Mum standing too! Finally around 6.30am that happened and we went to bed for a couple of hours. When we got up we noticed the foal was now sleeping lots, and not drinking as much or as often as we’d like. So to cut a long story short we decided that afternoon to get the vet put to do her IGG (hence the little shaved patch of fur) which to our amazement came back at over 800 which is perfect! Her dam’ registered name is Jambarrie Lily and as this gorgeous girl is blue roan like her dam we have decided to name her Plumtree Lilana!

Minimally Marked Blue Roan & White Filly

Born 03.06.24

Sire: Plumtree Jax

Dam: Jambarrie Lilly

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