On 3rd of May at 2.15pm Plumtree Jazzabell gave birth to her first ever foal. A tiny little smokey black dun and white colt with just 2 slithers of white on his body and 4 socks. And when we say tiny we mean tiny! First foals are usually smaller anyway but this little chap was born 4 weeks early too! Don't let his size fool you though, he has a huge personality! He had a little trouble finding the milk bar but Jazz helped him like she’d been doing it all her life, and after some colostrum we had in the freezer and some foal stim to give him a boost he was soon suckling away.

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Smokey Black Dun & White Colt

Born 03.05.22

Sire: Plumtree Jax

Dam: Plumtree Jazzabelle


Email: lorraine@plumtreestud.co.uk

Telephone: 01302350083

Mobile: 07802900650