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On 16th of May Applegarth Jenny gave birth to *we think* either a buckskin or buckskin dun and white colt foal (Although theres no colour down his back to see if he has a dorsal strip but he does have frosting in his mane as a dun does). Either way he's a little beauty, and a very clever little man! He was up and sucking within the hour! Our fastest to get latched on this year. Although only a few days old at the time I am writing this we can tell he is going to be a very friendly little guy. We have named him Plumtree Jack of Hearts as he has a big heart shaped marking on his side. Jack as we will call him for short is full brother to our mare Plumtree Joyce (aka Aussie) who sadly lost her foal to Plumtree George this year. Photos taken 6th June.

Buckskin Dun & White Colt

Born 16.05.24

Sire: Brandeston Rupert

Dam: Applegarth Jenny

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