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Our 2024 foaling season began on the 29th of April with the arrival of this gorgeous little man. He is palomino but will go grey, making him the first grey pony to be born at Plumtree in 27 years! (And only the third ever!) He is the most confident little foal, has been since the day he was born, we are sure he has been here before. We usually name our foals following the first letter of the mare’s registered name, in this case F, and originally given his colour I was thinking something to do with frost or freeze. But nothing I came up with suited him so in a break from tradition for this special little colt we have decided to name him Plumtree Iceman!

Palomino going Grey

Born 29.04.24

Sire: Brandeston Rupert

Dam: Mavallands Felicity

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